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Finding a personal coach who will inspire and empower you to transform your life means connecting with someone who understands what it means to be heard. Tarra Riley of Astara Coaching specializes in creating a safe environment in which to clarify your values, celebrate your strengths, and discern the goals that align with your highest wisdom so that when you speak, you are truly heard. Whether you are struggling in your personal life, or at work, Tarra Riley dares to ask the questions that evoke new perspectives, and she will coach you through exercises to attune you to the wisdom of your mind and body as you develop your own answers. Using a powerful, collaborative process of inquiry, discovery, goal-setting and strategic action, you will increase your awareness of your patterns and the beliefs that may be standing in your way. As you work through the coaching process, she will support you as you create new patterns for a more satisfying and authentic life.

Broaden your vision of your best life, and allow yourself to feel renewed energy and purpose for living.

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Executive Coaching

If you are interested in Tarra’s corporate work, keep reading…

For the past decade, she has brought her extensive expertise to the corporate sector. Tarra excels at enriching your ability to present your message with integrity and strength. With her warm, professional approach, she has worked both one-on-one with individuals and with groups, designing workshops on presentation skills and team communication building. Tarra is currently a Partner with Transcend Management Advisors Inc. specializing in Transformative Experiences.

Executive Services

Tarra’s corporate services with Transcend Management Advisors include:

Communication is the single most important key to business leadership success and client satisfaction. Imagine the possibilities for your business if you were to speak clearly, present your ideas confidently and truly listen to your colleagues and clients.

This coaching begins where most other presentation training ends. With the eye and experience of an acting coach, Tarra creates a personalized program utilizing experiential exercises specifically designed to target those areas which may be holding you back from presenting your best self.

This individualized process supports you in developing your unique voice and presentation style while bringing you into alignment with your physicality, and raising awareness of the verbal and non-verbal cues you may be sending out. It supports you to not only say what is important to your business, but to say it in a way that connects, resonates, and engages the people around you. Through exercises that help you conquer your nerves, improve your voice production, and enhance your mind body connection, along with learning techniques to best present in differing media, you will quickly enjoy the improved self confidence that comes from truly engaging and effectively communicating with others.

Even someone with years of successful public speaking experience can achieve an entirely new level of mastery after working with Tarra Riley.

Using techniques to increase physical awareness and vocal production, as well as applying the expert eye of a veteran stage director, Tarra coaches elite speakers to become more mindful of how they express themselves, how they can access their unique strengths, and how they can connect deeply and personally with their audiences.

By telling your story as only you can, you give it its quintessential resonance and energy. Tarra will help you bring it alive in a way that achieves much more than intellectual understanding: it creates a powerful, memorable shared experience.

You have the capacity to motivate, inspire, and engage others in a way that profoundly moves them towards a shared desired outcome.

Leadership presence is about connecting authentically with others from a place of your own values. The best leaders build relationships through being present in the moment, honestly listening and interacting, self-awareness, and expressing their feelings and messages in a compelling, congruent way.

Through experiential exercises, you will learn, and put into practice, effective techniques to bring you into alignment with your unique style as a leader.

Teams are motivated and most effective when they believe what they are doing is worthwhile, when the individuals that make up the team are in control of achieving their goals, and when they’re all validated and/or acknowledged for their contribution.

Team productivity skyrockets when team members are committed to truly listening, comprehending, and cooperating with each other.

This program is designed to enhance full engagement, a deeper familiarity than is usual when interacting in an office setting, and cooperation within a team by employing experiential theatre exercises specifically targeted to strengthen teamwork, camaraderie, and synergy. By utilizing teamwork to achieve game objectives, team members gain new insights on differing communication styles while improving their own skills all within a fun, safe environment