November 10-12, 2017 at the Coast Canmore Hotel and Conference Centre,
511 Bow Valley Trail, Canmore Alberta, T1W 1N7, Canada

Would you love to feel passionate, AND at ease in your lovemaking? Would you like to feel a pleasurable non-demanding flow between you whether you are touching affectionately, sensually or erotically?  Most of us remember a time when sexual relating was a joy, when we were easily aroused and didn’t worry about how we looked or whether we were “doing it right.”  As our relationships mature and we get older, our sex lives sometime settle into a routine, or our desire differences cause painful power struggles.

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Come to this delightful retreat and let go into playful, sensual, nurturing connection with your lover. Through safe & enjoyable (clothes on) exercises, gentle yoga, meditation, dialogue, and rituals of connection you will rekindle passion, rediscover your innate capacity for pleasure, and deepen the intimacy between you.

You will

  • Experience how non-demand touch, in and outside the bedroom, is the bedrock for a healthy, passionate sexual relationship.
  • Learn to tune into each other’s need for affection, communication, and pleasuring
  • Experience fun ways to relax, so every moment of connection is pleasurable.
  • Understand the bio-physiology of sex; free yourself from judgments and anxieties about your sexual differences
  • Deepen communication about sexual needs and preferences through a powerful dialogue process
  • Release limiting belief systems about sex, pleasure, and intimacy to help you compassionately understand each other, and even laugh together

This Canmore retreat is designed for couples in mature, healthy, committed relationships of any sexual orientation wanting to enhance or re-ignite the passion and physical intimacy in their relationship.

Working in a safe and sacred space, couples will learn to communicate and develop ways to solve problems relating to intimacy that most couples will encounter in their relationship. The Retreat is a group setting with sufficient space to allow couples to work individually on the facilitated exercises. Your weekend will also include a welcome basket with gifts that will enhance your retreat experience.

Kate and Joel Feldman have been facilitating deep work with couples for decades. Join them in an atmosphere of safety and enjoyment to discover how non-demand sexual, and sensual relating can re-energize the pleasure and passion between you.
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This retreat was initiated by two friends that attended a local couples conference with their respective spouses and wanted additional time focused on intimacy.  Five years later, the dream has become a reality. Like the outstanding couples conference attended for years, this retreat has been designed to be a not-for-profit endeavor.  It has been affectionately planned from a place of love.

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Our Team

The Conscious Relationships Institute
Durango, CO

Kate and Joel Feldman have been helping people transform their relationships for over thirty years. They’re a co-counseling, and workshop presenter team with training in Imago, Gestalt, and Internal Family Systems therapies, as well as EMDR and Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. Between 1971 and 1995 they were co-founders and co-directors of Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, now the largest yoga and wellness center in the US.
Joel and Kate’s current interest is helping couples make their sex lives more delightful. They combine their practices of yoga, and mindfulness, with traditional sex therapy, using THE ART OF PRESENCE as the foundation for a healthy sex life. They teach couples a systematic method of slowing down, while using every moment as an intimate encounter, so that lovemaking is easy and pleasurable.
The Feldman’s believe the future of humanity depends upon people consciously loving each other and their children, and are dedicated to ending the cycles of generational wounding that is passed on through families, communities, nations, and our global family. Kate and Joel see themselves as a growing couple. After 31 years of marriage they still practice what they teach, and continue to find new ways to deepen their relationship.

Marilyn Vrooman-Roberson
Marilyn Vrooman-RobersonOrganizer
Marilyn & Kevin live in Calgary and have been actively attending or helping to organize the Banff Couples Conference for the last 9 years. Through 16 years of marriage they have experienced a move from Manitoba, all of their seven children moving out and sometimes moving back in, three grandchildren, travels to remote places on vacation, job changes, and Friday night Date Nights. Marilyn has a background in corporate governance and Kevin is a project manager.
Tarra Loïs Riley
Tarra Loïs RileyOrganizer
Tarra Loïs Riley, Founder of Astara Coaching, is an internationally Certified Professional Coach who has always had a passion for inspiring people to access their unique strengths and gifts, empowering them to live – and be – their best selves. Nowhere is that commitment to personal development more evident than in her marriage of 20 years with Jevon Hills. From the beginning, the relationship has incorporated retreats and workshops focused on improving mindfulness and enhancing self-awareness – including enrolling in coach certification training together.